Did you know that when you order flowers on the internet threw “florists servers” like Just Flowers, Wesley Berry, and Avis. That you are ordering them throw an order gather that then sends the order to us. So one you’re not going to get your full amount from the order because you have to pay them to contact us.  This is just a let you know type of blog today. We do except these services, to get orders, but it would be in your best interest if you call us directly. When we get complaints it’s because the customer has used one of those three services,( I mentioned above) which there are a handful more out there I didn’t mention. The company sends something that wasn’t asked for, or the dollar amount wasn’t what the customer thought they were going to get because they have to take a cut from the order to make money.  The best way to not have this problem is to call your local florist. Even if you need to send the order out of town or state, your local florist can handle it for you. When we have a customer that needs to send an order out of town we find a florist, not an order gather,  then we  call them personally to make sure you get the flowers you want . So just don’t  forget your local florist, give  them a call for any and all your  florist needs.

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